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Very fun, tight and clean, also clever for that little bit.

I really look forward to anything more you add to the game or any game you make that has simularly cool movment.

Only part I noticed a problem was that if you were on the corner wall it messed you up and won't let you get up an edge.

Also it might be cool if you could climb around an edge (as long as it isn't too sharp)


I so knew it, when I saw something past the "target" I knew some kind of twist was coming and the text it reads if you check it out first before getting "a head" confrimed it.

Also the reveal of the name still caught me off guard.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I really liked how you both didn't let people off easy for jumping too late and that the hands and picks aren't stuck to the screen and instead down where it should be. (Looked a little low, idk)