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I'm trying to play with USB joystick. First I used a gamepad which worked fine. Then I tried to use my Thrustmaster Topgun Afterburner and I can not even calibrate it since the values jump erratically.

The joystick works fine in other games and also moves correctly in Windows' control panel tester.

When I looked more closely I think that the reason for the problem is that this joystick gives raw values in the range of -128 to 127 - that is it uses signed bytes for raw data. On the other hand my gamepad feeds axes data in the range 0 to 255 - unsigned bytes.

Then after looking again in Freerider calibration I think this is confirmed - when I move the axes in the upper halves (where supposedly they should move between 0 and 127, the sliders in the game move fine, but as soon as I move the axis in the negative half - the slider snaps to the maximum value.

It seems that freerider does not support joystick hardware which gives signed values for the axes. Is it possible to support such hardware?

Thank you!

FPV Freerider does not have the ability to read the values directly, it goes though Unity's input manager (That is used when developing the sim). I can only see that values that is coming through that input manager.

Is your Thrustmaster connected directly via USB, or does it have some other kind of connection/driver?

It is connected through USB - standard HID device, no drivers needed.

I also tested with Unity 5.6.0f3 and the behavior is the same. I don't think there is anything that can be done. Others have also stumbled upon this:


Alas there seems to be no solution.

Anyway ... I've hooked my RC transmitter through vjoy so I'll use that.


Ok, well at least you tried it thoroughly, I guess you might be right that Unity can't read the Thrustmaster properly.

Glad you're able to use your transmitter through vjoy instead.