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I loved how much care you put into this game! How the character animations and sound effects react to the environment really makes this world feel alive! The wooden bar is a brilliant mechanic for a physics game like this and I don't know what better alternative there could even be. The difficulty curve felt just right and the levels supplement each other and teach players new skills they'd use later on. Overall, this game is golden! 

A major change I'd propose though: The smooth camera scrolling should follow the player's mouse instead of the blob (similar to an RTS interface). The current scroll method presents the following issues: 

1. Trying to control / switch between multiple elements of the world is really difficult, given that all elements are constantly moving (even just holding onto a single bar and rotating it in a desired direction feels quite awkward at times due to the camera scrolling happening)

2. It is very easy for crucial level elements to get outside of the player's field of view (Think how this is gonna work if you port the game to other platforms and have to deal with inconsistency with screen widths!). Sometimes a bar becomes inaccessible if I left it in a vertical position but then the blob rolled away. Sometimes it's just the blob is rising / falling too fast, so much so that it goes off-screen (might be tricky to get the scroll smoothing right) and the player cannot reach any interactible elements near it. 

3. If you intend for this game to be puzzle focused, it could be a flaw that the player is not immediately aware of all the level layout or even where their goal is. I got surprised quite a few times by a spike that suddenly came up or a new bar I didn't know existed. But again, you're the designer here, and you know what's best for your game. Maybe a sense of exploration into the unknown is what you're aiming for, in which case, just keep the scrolling the way it is and let the camera roll faster, so the player would have enough time to react to something that just showed up. 

4. Again, if you wanted for this game to be more puzzle-focused, the player should be able to pre-adjust level elements so they don't have to micro manage later on (similar to "Wonderfully Juicy" from earlier). I can see my proposal of mouse-based scrolling as problematic though, because after level 7, the player's range of control had to be limited for those level designs to work. 

Anyhow, this comment got way too long - sorry about that. This game has a lot of potential of becoming a rage game though. Consider that approach lol. I was also expecting a dark twist in the end for some reason, haha. Nature is cruel. 

Love all your works! Take care!