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Hey! I just finished playing the demo, very cool! But I would recommend trying to simplify the controls a bit. The game didn't recognise my controller (not your fault, happens all the time since its a knock off haha) so i had to use the keyboard, but I'll admit, had sometrouble with so many buttons haha. I believe you might be able to reduce some by binding some actions to the same button but having to holding it in or stuff like that, just a suggestion haha. Oh, also, this might be just down to preference, but I pretty much softlock myself after getting the sewer key with almost no health, so I always respawned when the ambush started. Maybe moving the checkpoint to the door before that can be slightly more fair to the player. 

But besides that, very good and fun game, loved it! Hope to see more!

Thank you, we are glad you liked it. It is true with the keyboard it is more difficult to play it, it is recommended to use a gamepad :)