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Hi, we saw that there were some bugs regarding the Mac version, you can try downloading the demo from Steam, maybe that will fix it :)

Thanks, we're glad you liked the demo :D

Gracias, nos alegra que te haya gustado el demo, ¿podrías decirnos cuál es el modelo del Gamepad que usaste? para poder agregarle soporte en la versión final del juego :)

Hi, at the moment we don't have a release date, it will be available for PC (Windows, Mac and Linux) and we hope also for consoles.

Hi, we are glad that you liked the demo.

Thanks for reporting the bugs in the menus, for the final version of the game we have added new icons for the different controls (Xbox, Playstation, etc).

Thanks, we are glad you liked the demo, it means a lot to us :)

Thank you, we are glad you liked the demo :D

Thank you very much, we are glad you liked the game :D

Thanks for testing the pre-demo, yes, some users also told us that it was quite difficult for them to fight, so we are going to better balance player damage and enemy damage to improve combat system, by the way, no forget to use both the shield and the evasion function, since they are essential in combat :)

Hi, other users also informed us of errors in the Mac version, we have uploaded a new version that would have to solve those problems :)

Thank you, we are glad you liked it. It is true with the keyboard it is more difficult to play it, it is recommended to use a gamepad :)

Hi, we have already changed to zip, check if it works now :)

Thank you, we are glad you liked it :)