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I was intrigued by the aesthetic of the game, and I wasn't disappointed ! The game is beautiful and very peaceful.

I would finish the game but...I ended up stuck in a rock so I couldn't (see picture). It's pretty sad.

I think it's a good game - with good music and really pleasant graphics - but it needs some refinement to be great - like the handling which is too slippery, or the red part which I think is really creepy compared of the rest.

Keep up the good work ! With the next updates, I'm sure this game will become a true hidden gem ! ^^

Thanks for playing Falling Awake! :)
Sorry that you experienced such a bug. You can always restart the game from the menu, just press ‘start’ on the controller or ‘Esc’ on the keyboard. We will fix this bug with the next update.
Also thanks for sharing your mentioned improvements, we will take them into consideration.