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this is an absolute masterpiece of a game

I made an account just so i could praise this game in the comments section. 

Its art style is incredible and the fast-paced exciting gameplay is unmatched in any html game i've ever played.

The music is amazing.

in my opinion, this game is perfect in every way. 

I can't wait for mobs inc 2

OVERBOY, if you see this, don't listen to all the negative comments on this game and just know that you're seriously talented and you have created a seriously incredible game here. I played this for about seven hours non-stop yesterday and I could not pull myself away from my computer. 

Keep it up!


Thank you so much ! It's really motivating :D

no problem!

you obviously worked very hard on this game and it shows.

Do you think Mobs Inc 2 will cost money, or will it also be free to play? 

I'm not sure :) I'm working on other projects right now but Mobs Inc 2 will be done someday !