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I Like it, it looks like it could turn out to be a great game. The reason i say it like that is because i'm not sure if it's finished. I played the game, but at the end i wasn't informed on where the necromancer is hiding. There is a few bugs here and there, but every game has bugs. I think with a little tweaking, it can be a great game

Thank you fo playing the game! Indeed, i'm planning to make a lot of improvements in almost every aspect of the game - from cinematcs to quests content. And, of couse, i'm trying to find and fix bugs - it's just little hard to fully test the game on my own, but I know it is super important for other players. As for the necromancer hideout - maybe it's not a bug, but non-obvious quest line ending. If you finished Village Head quest line after King's Mage quests, you may need return to King's Mage and pick up final quest. In it's description you will find Necromancer location.


I appreciate that you replied. I like giving coments on games that direct the creator to the problems without sounding like a jerk. As for the finish, very well done. A few things, just to improve on the total aspect of the game. When you release the full game, try and make the game longer, and maybe make the enimies harder. As you level up, maybe you can put skill points into a skill tree, just a thought. And finally to finish off, for the sake of me trying to help. You should really put a nerf on the amount of potions in the crypts. When i finished the game, i had so many stacks of potions. Again this is just a thought as to make the game more enjoyable. I have a feeling that this game can turn into something incredible. But like everything in the world, good things take time. Good luck, and thank you for replying.

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It is very inspiring for me to see people playing my game and leaving feedback. I will definitely pay attention to aspects of the game you mentioned - in fact, I planned some of this improvements already, and it's great that someone thinks the same way.