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Thank you so much for commenting and playing my game T_T

After reading your comment I've realized I'm in a weird place as a lot of my games are just hopes cis people will be kinder and understand but most cis people aren't going to seek out trans games. I don't know what to do about that but hopefully I can find an answer one day.

Hi Taylor! This is such a cute game. I LOVED it. I am a cis gay woman myself and it definitely made me think. I actually am working on a game for my thesis that will be a role playing game for kids that talks about social justice issues (including trans rights) while also teaching computational and systems thinking. I would love to chat with you sometime if you are interested in that! I could, of course, provide you with some info on me first! Hoping to hear back!! But if not, thank you for making trans content. You are so important and valuable. 

Hi, you can email me here at:

or post more info here if you would like. I would love to chat with you sometime. Just email me and we can set up a time and format. Good luck with your upcoming game.

Just sent you an email!!!