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Some of the things I want to work on:

- Shield Robots (slightly thicker-than-usual limbs, to make severing a little extra touchy)

- Turret Robots (Tripod-mounted guns that shoot rapid-fire, high-spread bullets, that can be blocked by shields/arrow-deflect upgrades)

- Armored Walkers (Based off of the first non-humanoid robot idea, with low attack capability, but thick legs and body that make severing limbs and exposing its vulnerable core difficult and risky(Hammers and fire would be super effective, now that I think about it.)

- Some sort of miniboss-type robot (Has a strong, powerful weapon that can only be temporarily obtained by the player if they defeat it; garbage robots would fly above the player, out of reach, and take it from them after the match, as it would be counted as garbage too to prevent them from carrying it indefinitely. Maybe you will be able to steal the turret's gun?)

Anyways, I'm excited to work on these, but I would also be super excited to see other people's ideas and takes on them, so I encourage other people to beat me to it! :3