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Hi BOBTHEKILLER! Items snap together on the workbench in the orientation of the part you're holding. So if you're holding a grip and it's pointed down toward the table, the blade will be wedged in the table when they snap together. When an item gets stuck in the workbench, follow these steps to unstick it:

  1. Grab and hold the item with the Right Mouse Button (RMB)
  2. Continue holding the RMB and Press Alt (or Alt+Ctrl) and move the mouse around to rotate the item.
  3. While still holding Alt (or Alt+Ctrl) release the RMB - The item should remain in your grasp in the orientation you rotated it to
  4. At this point you can drop the item by releasing Alt (or Alt+Ctrl) or grab the item again with RMB

Hope this helps, and Happy Smithing!

thanks that helped very much!!