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I know you already commented on my video, but I'd like to give my full review here.

First off, it was a cool premise. Playing at a computer, and being tasked with some pretty cool puzzles in order to advance was very fun and intuitive, but it felt bogged down with what most gaming creepypastas do: lack of directive storytelling.


It seemed most of the "horror" came from the profound statements coming out of each characters text boxes, but nothing actually came of any of it. The ending was a tad lackluster, with the ending being the generic "You passed, but ima still get you" horror trope.

Now, with that being said, the game was fun to play, and I'll definitely be watching for your next game if you happen to make another.

Hope to see more from you, and you have my thanks for creating this!

Thank you very much for making this! :)