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Holy heck this is a pretty game <3  I went in fully wanting Will, but damnit I ended up really, really falling for John.  Robin...nah, I'm good with John and Will :D  The art is absolutely gorgeous - seriously, I want to romance Marion.  I do wish we had been able to *see* Marion's skill, not just be told about it - or at least, she had had a bit more success in causing trouble for the guys.  I ended up not being impressed (bit like a child telling you they are awesome), that may be intent and part of content (Marion growing in her skills), but I did get left with a bit of second-hand embarrassment for her, lol.

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Thank you!  As the writer/programmer, I am so very happy to be working with our amazing artists. 

It's true, there wasn't much chance to see Marion at her best in this demo.  In the full game, you'll be able to see her in her element during the prologue (which comes before the section of this game in the demo), and the demo leaves us with her just about to show off to the Sherwood boys.  It's not Marion's fault she couldn't do much to them... one is a hyper-obsessed archer who has been training with sword and bow since he was a young child and the other two have literal superpowers.  She still does fine against other mere mortals like herself, and has plenty of other skills that will make her useful to the Sherwood gang. Part of her character growth (especially on one of Robin's routes) is accepting that it's ok not to be the best at everything.

Marion does get to be the primary physical combatant in Meissa's route, as Meissa is not a fighter and recruits her to help assist townspeople who are caught in the middle of the struggle between Robin and the Sheriff.