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From the demo on YouTube it looks really good the music is a miss for me and the way to fight looks a bit confusing do we just tell jokes and it lowers their HP? how long has this been in production? 

Hi thanks for commenting! We've been in production for a year focusing more on the art, world, and story! We're currently in a development sprint focused solely on the battle system. Currently Joking heals and captures enemies. Once you have an enemy in your Troupe you can use their skills. These become the attacks in the demo thus if you use Otto's joke you're healing (probably capturing) but if you use a creature skill you're defeating them in the traditional RPG sense :)

We're keeping the battle build under private testing for now and are working towards a July/August Kickstarter date! The Kickstarter will hopefully provide us the funding we need to polish and juice the game to completion!