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Okay, so... I was waiting for this demo for sooooo long, and FINALLY! I played it! And it was sooo good, I want more! 

I love the arts, you have awesome artists on the team! Sprites and backgrounds are wonderful. I was looking at MC for quite long, wondering why she can't be one of our LIs... Don't get me wrong, other LIs are amazing too, but... Marion... is just beautiful! And the facial expressions! I was shocked when I saw how many you have them there! I seriously felt like I was right there with them, the coding is amazing!

And the sountrack...! It is music to my ears, even right now, when I'm writing this, the game is launched in the background so I can listen to it longer. <3 

Good job, devs! I am waiting for more! <3

PS. I just want to say that Little John stole my heart... <3 and Tuck is... oh boi.


Thanks so much!  I keep hearing that about Marion, ha ha.  We do have a female LI on the Nottingham side, though she's not meant to be quite the classic beauty that Marion is (I know Anna will draw her to be lovely, anyway)!

Our soundtrack is licensed from Alexander Nakarada, a talented musician who makes his work affordable for indie creators like me.  I'll pass on the kudos!