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The puzzles are good and tricky. I understood the mechanics right away, but as a person who likes puzzle games but isn't very good at them, it took me many restarts in order to finish the puzzles (especially Level 5!). The moving platforms were tricky, too.  I couldn't get past Level 10.

I like how some of the levels gave me that "Ooooh! I got it!" feeling without frustrating me that much, which made it fun to play through. It would be nice if the game had an "undo move" button, though, since it's a bit hard to do a whole level again after making one mistake.

As for the music, I liked the BGM that played in Level 1 (and in other levels which had that same music), because it was fun moving the character along with the beat. 

Thank you! This was the first time I tried to make a puzzle game so I'm glad that the levels were fun. I think an undo button is a good idea, if I make this a full game I will definitely add it.