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is there a work around for this error cause I get it too. I was thinking of buyint it but this problem prevents me from doing so.

The problem is hardware-dependent, so there's not a lot to do if you have a graphics card that doesn't support ShaderModel 3. The simplest workaround would be not using the shader, which is the easiest way to fix it if you don't care about the palette swap system. If you do need it, though...

There's a bunch of workarounds discussed in this GMC topic, the original version of the shader didn't use a loop and thus were more compatible with older graphics cards at the expense of having a limit of 10 colors per palette:

The old GMC has been archived, but hopefully the info/code already in the topic helps.

There's also a new topic for the shader system here on the new GMC:

(Not sure if it includes info about the old version of the shader anymore, though)

Thank you for the reply. I went ahead and bought your script. I wont be using the shader at this time, do I just delete the shd_pal_swapper ? Should I also delete the Palette Swap folder under scripts?

Deleting the shader itself should be enough (the help scripts won't do anything as long as you don't call them), and then just make sure you remove/comment-out any script calls that would use the system (e.g. shader_set()/shader_reset() pairs in the draw event of map & battle units)... it's never a good idea to leave in references to a resource that doesn't exist anymore.