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OK, first of all: I fell madly in love with your drawing style. Just because of that I think I'll have to give your VNs a shot in the future. It looks so cute^^

The game itself was good as well. Classic scenario (The scary person who is not actually scary and only a kid understands) and it worked fine here. The story has a lot of charme. Also I am really curious how befriending the foxes will work out, so that was a good cliffhanger. Overall thumbs up and thank you for creating this game^^

I have one question: Will Lonely Wolf Treat be extended or will the continuation be a new game?

P.S: And of course I have to do some shilling for my LP because I am a bad person:


thank you so much! i really enjoyed your LP, i'm always happy when someone sounds like theyre having so much fun playing my games ;o;

i'm working on the sequel right now, it's another short game. my plan is to keep doing small releases and eventually combine them into one full game!


Oh I had definetly fun^^

Ah ok, well then I look forward to the next little release^^