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Pros and cons are down below) Check out me vid (the game is the 2d there):


1. The game is EPIC! I was mind blown at the end. I didn't expect any of this and was amazed by the game! Such a great job!

2. Artstyle is top hole! The game feels like a saga - mice wearing medieval looking clothes (or not wearing any)

3. The battles are exceptional! Very entertaining. I like that you added animation to the battle. Characters are always moving and it is so nice to look at!


1. When you give a character full set of clothes - the others seem naked. It strange that Lance wore clothes while Verm was going everywhere tits first (kinda funny).

2. I wish there would be more interactable objects from which you can get some lore on the universe. I hope the full version of the game will come out and will have that!


Enjoyed the experience a lot! Had heeby jeebies all over me at the end. Such a great game. When will the full version be out? I can't wait for it! That is a strong 5/5! Great job! I am so impressed!

Hope my feedback was useful!