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I'm having a butt load of issues, mostly my computer telling me I don't have owner/admin rights rights to move, open, allow through firewall or pretty much anything to do with the actual game application and since I'm not very tech savvy, I have 0 idea why. Any Help would be awesome.

Hmmm. There should be a way to run it as an administrator. I don't know much about Windows permissions stuff. I'm always on an administrator account.

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That's the odd thing though, I am the admin of my computer, yet it's just telling me I don't have any permissions for the game application, oddly when I try to run it and it tells me to eat a dick, the game application deletes itself some how.

Strange. My only guess is that there's some weird antivirus stuff interfering.

Maybe, but it also wont let me exclude it because of the same issue.