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Just keep rubbing it. :3

I might start posting some progress stuff on my Twitter ( ) and Youtube ( ). Maybe here on too if it has a good way to do that.

I don't think I'll be doing anything with the "doggina" thing anytime soon since this next game will mostly just be dragons.

I tried out the cum settings. :3 I think I might make a whole new system for the next game though!

Maybe for the next dragon game. :3

Oh no. Is it the browser version or the downloadable version? Did you get any error messages? If it's the downloadable one, you can send me the file "log.txt" and I'll see if there's an error. You can send it to

I was thinking about it, but it might be too much work for me to do by myself.

I'd rather keep him to myself for now. :3

Unfortunately I will not be making browser versions of my games anymore. :(

Hopefully in the next game. :3

The browser version should work on mobile devices.

One of the corrupt mods removed all my stuff and falsely claimed that I requested to have it removed. :(

Yes, I will hopefully make another one. :3

I don't know how, it would be extra work, and I don't have an Android device to test on. I'm not planning on doing any mobile stuff for future games either.

No, sorry. :(

An open world kind of thing could be fun. :3

Thanks! I would like to, but there just aren't enough people interested.

I hope you like it. :3

I haven't been working on it. :(

I can't. :(

A) Yep! In the settings.txt file, change "fullscreen" from 0 to 1.

B) No.

Maybe I'll make a future game with that.

I'm not sure. It will be a while.

I'm working on a different dragon game now. :)

It's a false positive.

Thanks! I've got some of my games here on, and some on my website,

It's okay! And I do not know of any other games like this one. My Pokemon-Amie game is the closest I can think of. It's on my website if you haven't played it:

I hope it won't take too long. It's a bigger project!

I'm not sure. I used to have it available as a Patreon reward, but I don't do Patreon anymore.

I've had like 5 accounts so far and they all got banned. :(

I could, maybe. They'd just ban me again though. (Well, at least Twitter would.)

I'm working on another game that will contain dragons!

Sadly I was banned from all social media. :( Well, I do have a Youtube channel:

Glad ya liked it! Yes, the realistic stuff looks weird most of the time. It's a lot of work to get it looking good.

It will, yes.

Thank you! Hopefully you'll like the other things I've got planned. :)

I'm working on something new and it also has dragons. :D It's too early to share though. And I've been banned from Twitter. :(

Yep. That's the way I like it. :3

Nope, I don't use game engines.

Just making it work better with some of the antivirus software that falsely accuse it of being a virus.

I made it so fewer antivirus softwares think it is a virus. Some still do though. D:

I will probably make more games with this character in the future. :3