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ummmm excuse me but umm.... do u have any idea why in Kari's dialogue? (idk how to spell it T^T) why is her line blank? and when it was blank i keep waiting but im stuck on Kari's dialogue idk wut to do T^T

Hey hey! :3

Is it just after Alyx meets Alvy at the hospital and they leave the room together? If so, it's just because that's the end of the demo unfortunately :( I had to rush to submit it in time for the end of the jam and it was supposed to go back to the title screen but instead, it just bugs out and crashes >.< I haven't fixed it since it's the end of the demo anyhow and I'm currently working on my main project at the moment. I will be finishing CiQ properly once I've completed and released SR though :3

If the crash is somewhere else in the demo, please let me know roughly what happened before the crash and I'll try to get it fixed.

Hope you're well and staying safe :3

yes its after Alyx meets Alvy that part when Kari's turn it was blank. It's ok I u derstand 

Okie dokies, sorry about that >.< I'll fix it one day when I get time cos you're not the first person to ask :3 

The plan was to have all of Alvy's route in the demo, but I wound up with very little time to work on it during the jam so it was pretty rushed >.< When I'm back to working on that project properly though, I'll make sure to polish everything up, haha.

I just haven't worked on CiQ since submitting the jam demo cos I wanted to focus on and finish my main project first x3