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hi, I’m really in love with this game, even though I’ve only played the first chapter, I immediately purchased all of the chapters. I have a question though, I really enjoyed playing as Isabella and I wanted to keep playing as her, y’know like I didn’t feel as if I really completed her story. Is it like that now I play the other chapters I don’t get to play as her anymore?

Hi Princessss, Isabella's point of view is only until Chapter 1. For the rest of the chapters, you get to play as other characters of the game to show the different scenarios/events in the story. Isabella's involvement in the succeeding chapters highly depends on the decisions you made on her chapter. :)


oh okay, when I send my question I was like ‘ugh I probably can’t, this is gonna suck’ but when I actually played the chapters I didn’t really care anymore ‘cause they were soooooo goooood. This is honestly one of the best game ever, I literally stayed up all night playing it until I got exhausted. So thank you so much for making it. You’ve made me really happy :)

Aww, thank you so much! We are so happy as well to hear that! Hope you enjoy the game until the very end. Please don't forget to leave us a review!  ☆彡