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According to the leaderboard, nobody has beaten the game on this build. I'm cautious to play the difficulty card, but are the desert and summit too hard right now? Feels like too many aiming turrets maybe? I definitely appreciate the removal of spawners from Jungle, those had the potential to ruin your economy if you weren't paying attention.

Unrelated: when you press A after a daily challenge it sends you to the main menu. This is better than just restarting, but I'd much rather go straight to the daily leaderboard, since I do this manually every day. Or maybe integrate the daily leaderboard into the game over screen somehow? (Maybe just "Rank: #5 of 25" or something?) Something about the way the UI works right now doesn't "feel" like a Daily Challenge, it doesn't make that "well that was my only shot!" as explicit as it should.

good call on sending you back to leaderboards post-daily.

for difficulty: so yea, i just played to prove your wrong and got iced in the desert so hahha, my usual strategy sorta failed there and i took a few too many risks that bit me. desert definitely needs a look at for sure, esp. with the node/plot flies. there are tons. i'll take a look at snow as well, we did a bit of a big shift recently to try and make those biomes much more unique feeling by introducing enemies in each as opposed to sorta having a lot of haphazard overlap, but yea, certainly could use a pass or two. thanks mike. our head's have been mostly focused on other parts of the game balance wise so this was needed. :)