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Tried this out after Fishdog Games shared it on FB. Having a blast! I got pretty lost on the 2nd floor the dungeon last night, and almost just reloaded before I set out.  Came back in the morning, and found my way again. So glad I didn't rage!

Of course, some ease of use improvements would be great, like being able to swap which characters inventory you are looking at without having to exit all the way out.  But fun none the less!

The set pixel size is a little challenging on my Surface Go. I have to hide my taskbar, or I don't see the full height of the screen.

Thank you, Bhelogan!
I looked into the code and implemented your suggestion. You may now switch characters in the char info and inventory screens.
Version 1.01 is released just now. :-)

Enjoying this a lot, and appreciate the update. I noticed in the help file it indicates that Rogues can hide in combat. But, in practice, Monks seem to be the ones who get that ability. Is that intentional?

Thank you, once again. It was a single letter typo in the source code. To prevent spoiling saved games in progress I decided to release v1.03 with both Monks and Rogues being able to hide in shadows.

Any hints on figuring out the number for the 3rd floor in the Gate of Diligence?

Nice progress, Bhelogan! :-)
The numbers to add are hidden in levels 1 to 3. Some are hidden in a very physical sense. Study the spell list. ;-)
Some are so obvious that automap will help you.


Ok, figured out after missing one of the messages on the first floor.  Finished the 4th dungeon as well, completing the game.  A little feedback on class balance:

Not sure the difference in the end between a warrior and a paladin, other than that the paladin can equip some of the near end-game gear that the warrior cannot.  Thieves miss out on a lot of gear, and thus can't hit as hard in combat. With how cheap it is to unlock chests with a conjurer, they seem unneeded. 

Monks would be awesome, but something is off with their exp scaling. I put one in the party, and while my paladin and warrior would get multiple levels above 20 in a trip, he would only get 1, or none.  Needed way more exp per level even under 20 than the other classes above 50.  With how low the HP is, due to the low level compared to the other classes, running into enemies with AOE spells makes them kind of a no-go.

I don't quite understand the point of the mentalist. You can attack any group from the first 3 positions, and spells hit all enemies, or just any one group of your choice. So, the position of the enemies doesn't make a difference. 

Spell casters are awesome, and if you could grind enough magic gear to give them good enough AC, I would take 6.

The auto-mapper drastically decreased the difficulty of the game a lot. I like it, and would have really struggled with the last two dungeons without it.  

Enjoyed the game a lot. Downloaded for free, but will throw some support when I can.

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Thanks for all the input, Bhelogan!
I tried to reproduce the Monk levelling problem, but they levelled up just like the other fighting classes. The only delayed level ups should be for Wizards and Archmages.
If you want to, you may send me your final savegame to info(at) so I can take a look into what happened.
Glad you enjoyed the game! It was a blast making it.

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Should be coming over now. Note: yourwebiste and email is  You have it everywhere with just gate, but that kicks back as bad.

Edit, did an end level run. All my other characters got 10ish levels, monk (at drastically lower level) got 7.

I am stuck here as well. I found 4 numbers and 2 hints level 1, 3 numbers level 2, 1 number and 2 hints level 3. What am I missing?

Tbagge3660, your number count seems complete. eMail me what number you got after adding:


I have all the numbers, but my answers are wrong.  Help!

chaneybear1, I sent you a PM :-)

I'm stuck the same way. Have all the numbers, but the answer is always flagged as wrong.