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Was really excited about this but the game is...not great. First off, multiple roms just didn't work. I couldn't get any Super Mario to load and several of the others slowed down considerably becoming unplayable. Add to that the concept that I had to pay "2,000 coins" just to add a fairly modest library." And how do I get more coins in order to unlock, basically, everything? I have to play the games apparently, except I can't because nothing works. Really disappointed, especially since it cost $17 just to begin with. FYI, just loading up RetroArch into your OculusTV app is a far better experience over all, and its free.

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Thank you very much for your feedback.

We will do a version update that will add more coins and unlock 5 pages of game spaces.We will also check the problem that Super Mario can't run. Currently you can choose Super Mario Bros. + Duck Hunt (USA), it can be run.