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Alright! I'll let you know if it's working or not :) 

Just to let you know, I have not forgotten about this but my Internet has been going up and down repeatedly all weekend and I haven’t been able to get through the entire process yet. I will reply to your comment once I can get a build up. Very sorry about this.

I’m currently stuck in an Apple support queue because I can’t access the control panel I need to to sign this binary. Modern Apple development can be such a pain…

In the meantime, I will do everything I can to get you a build that works for you, but can we switch this conversation to email? Message me at kirbykirbykirby at the google mail service and I’ll directly send you builds to test.

I’m deeply sorry about all of this!

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Hahaha it's ok no worries! I also wanted to help you by solving this issue :)

I can wait until it's validated to test it for you