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Great tool!
The only thing I don't like is the grid scale, and I'm trying to see if there's an easy way around that (I think I figured out an easy reproducible workflow in GIMP), but I would also love to have the option to change the grid density!


Thanks! Are you talking about the size of the grid? It should be relatively easy to apply your own grid if you disable the built-in one first ("G").


Well... At the exported size, squares are 85px in size, which makes it a little bit hard to tile automatically in GIMP (since so far I haven't figure out how to make a 42.5 px grid). What I do is I make an 85 pixel grid and then I copy and offet it a couple times. The resulting squares are "irregular" by one pixel, but they line up across the whole map (which isn't the case for 42px squares). 84px per square would be a great size (easily divided by 2 or 3). Thanks for your reply!


It's more complicated. The size of the square depends on the dimensions of the dungeon and it is chosen to maximize the resolution of the exported map. Since it's a popular request I think eventually I'll allow to specify the exact size of a cell.