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Hey Nami, I just downloaded all of the Lonely Wolf Treat games and I'm having trouble getting them to run in full screen mode. I've tried Alt+Enter and changing it to load in full screen with F1. Do you have any idea what might be going on?

hmm no idea x_x i can't think of why it wouldn't work, and don't know of good alternatives... oh, one person mentioned they used windows magnifier? so maybe that's your best bet? good luck!!

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Windows magnifier was a little annoying but it worked, thanks! The only question I have left is, will we be seeing more of Treat?

P.S. Loved the comic.

thank you!! yes you'll absolutely be seeing more treat. although we already saw so much of her in that comic... kya~!

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I'm such an idiot... I meant to type Trick... 0_0

That's good to know though... about Treat.

LOL my fault for making their names so similar. you'll be seeing more trick too!