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Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid, it turned out pretty funny:


1. Very spooky! I liked the jumpscares and pacing. How you built up the suspense and the tension. Great job!

2. The visuals are awesome! I really liked admiring the environment, looking at paintings e.t.c. Btw Peter the Great - Russian tsar is a very nice choice) He is hella fab)

3. The sound design is cool. I didn't get what was that eating -my-brains-from-my-ear in the basement, but overall it sounded very demonic and out of this world.

Disadvantages (points for noting and further developing):

1. I would like to see a fricking HUGE monster running after the main character near the end of the game. Monster's roars were lit! Maybe not in this game, but I would be really glad to see your works with HUGE monsters.

2. I guess a little bit more work with environment would be nice (with its changing). I mean some not obvious changes are appreciated and spook a lot upon noticing. Like changing the faces on the paintings or statues.

3. The closet was promicing - use its potential. The door made you come in the room literally scratching the closet. If something would jump out at you and you have nowhere to back out (because of the door) - super scary!


The game is awesome. Recommend checking it out a lot! Hope you will find some of my suggestions interesting and use it in your projects) or not - that is also fine) 5/5

Hope my feedback was useful!