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Big fan of your work, CountMoxi. I really hope you're taking care of yourself during this Covid-19 issue. It's be tragic to lose an amazing person, and talented pixel game maker such as yourself

Hopefully, an updated demo for Renapet with anal will come soon. The anal scene is doggy style, correct? Couldn't tell on my phone cause the picture links were broken.

All I know is I wanna see her big ass get pounded. Don't get me wrong, I love Fabiofera's Digi Waifu game, but still.

Don't worry, I'm making sure to stay safe and healthy. Make sure you are taking care of yourself too!

As for the demo, I'm currently working on it now. A devlog will be released shortly detailing the next update. The anal scene will be doggystyle and the devlog will have some of the animations for the scene for you all to preview!

And yeah Digi Waifu and Dragon Waifu were a lot of fun haha I'm looking forward to their next game! 

Thank you. And I look forward to the upcoming Devlog.

Also, there WAS another decent one: A Night with Laverne. But yeah, Dragon Waifu was bae. Dat ass was worth worship. (Obviously an ass man.)