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Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid (the 3d game there):


1. The concept is amazing! I like the sense of dread and powerlessness that the game has offered.

2. The mystery is sooo well made. You just want to know more, especially after the ending and the stuff on the computer! Very catchy - serves the purpose of the demo!

3. The visuals are top hole! The place is so detailed. I like that is easy to miss stuff so you must pay attention to every thing around you! Also, I amires the chain mechanic a lot)

Disadvantages (points for further development):

1. When everything went black and the yellow line appeared on the floor - it was unclear what to do. The line seemed to me as an arrow, so I figured I need to go in the direction the arrow is pointing. I think it would be better is the line was flat at the end, so people could nor read it wrong.

2. Maybe I was stupid but there was no hint to where to dig and I also had to brute force the box open. Maybe I missed something, but it would be nice if the game had hints for stupid people like me (for instance, the hints may appear after you once have failed to find what you were supposed to and died)

3. The walls are painted with the same pattern. The pattern is made like painted with crayons or something so it's strange that someone painted the EXACT same thing over and over. Moreover, it doesn't look like a scribbles from a crazy person. I think the pattern should repeat less frequent or should be less readable depending on it's purpose in the game.


The game is awesome! You, developers, are awesome! Thank you, Brian, for calling me a big brain in the game XD 5/5 Can't wait for the full version!

Hope my feedback was useful!