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Pros and cons are down below) Check out my vid (the 1st game there):


1. The ambiance that you have created is very spooky! I really like the fog and some things or spooks that you could find upon wandering.

2. The sound design is magnificent! Random roars or noises are very frightening. I got really anxious several times! Well done!

3. The concept is pretty neat. I like that you need to follow the light and read the text on the computers. Also, this whole flower thingy is a pretty smart distraction that gives the game replay-ability. Also, it's much scarier looking for flowers than following the lights.

Disadvantages (points for developing):

1. The story didn't really make sens for me. I didn't understand at all what happened at the end. Maybe I'm just stupid or paid not enough attention though. Or maybe that's because I went to the 2d end missing the 1st one...

2. I wish there were more spooks. There were lots of possibility for nice spooks. For example, if the dark silhouette would follow you more frequently making scary noises - that would be awesome.

3. Personally, the map seemed a bit empty. Maybe more trees would help or making it a bit smaller. But that's a minor flaw.


I greatly enjoyed playing this! For a game made in 48 hours - that's impressive! Though the story might have been explained a bit more clear or at least explained after the end screen.

Hope my feedback was useful!