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I found this in the comment section of Jacksepticeye's YouTube channel who played this game... Might be useful and all credit goes to that person.

Pedro Stormrage Pedro Stormrage

31:56 The QR code (U2VnYV9ty) means "Sega_S" in Base 64 (maybe "Sega_Saturn"?). You can see two sets of letters ("ZES ALS OP" and "F Q CPAKN G/A b") starting from 31:28, and that might be the remaining of the code. They both have a "hangman" beside them, which could mean some letters of the code need to be discarded. There's also the fact that the guy wanting the tapes was Dutch, and part of the second code ("ZES ALS OP") translates to "six as/if on/up" in Dutch (which could be a clue).

Crazy how such a "simple" game can have such a depth of near absolute mystery surrounding one image lol Thank you though!!!