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Crazy how such a "simple" game can have such a depth of near absolute mystery surrounding one image lol Thank you though!!!

Has anyone figured out the code?  Not the code on the "poster" but the one of the scan.

It looks really cool and fun to play but the truth is the wheel chair and the handeling absolutely ruined this game.  I went into two rooms (after a lot of frustration trying to control the wheelchair) and upon entering the second room I was immediately stuck.

Very cool, not much to go on right now but definately will be following.

I have to ask though, what are we looking at laying on the floor in the quickie mart?  I thought maybe it was the fat critic but when I am playing it myself it looks like someone dead coming out of a box lol  Incredibly fun game though and very nicely made, I REALLY love the red static when you start the game.

Jacksepticeye played your game and I think it looks fantastic!  Going to install it now with the itch thing and play with my son :)

Markiplier played your game and had some very good advice to give!

Markiplier played your game!

Markiplier played your game!

6,871 and deciding to not show how much money they are making off this, every month.  Take that for what you will, I know what it says to me.

Jacksepticeye & Markiplier have played your game! 

jacksepticeye played your game!  

jacksepticeye played your game!

Jack played your game and loved it, congrats!