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Very beautiful, funny and gripping game. Really loved playing the demo and would consider purchasing the full game, BUT : I was quite annoyed at the very cliche Japanese restaurant owner character :/ In addition to the character being literally yellow and having a thick accent, the game insists on it and makes him say that he doesn't have any accent. I don't find the joke funny and a little bit coarse. I understand it's supposed to be a humorous game and I liked a lot of things about it, but I would feel weird recommending it because of that awkward "Asian cook trope".
Otherwise a very unique and nice game !

I'm half-Japanese and I thought it was funny. 

I understand that some Japanese people may have different feelings about this and that it's not a homogeneous block, but it's still a very well know racist trope... I didn't invent it of course but I've seen it described and critisized by a lot of activists.