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Not gonna lie, it was arousing. I just don't know about the whole stranger shows up at the door premise. I could imagine myself in the positions and being touched like that.. soo.. not bad at all.

Didn't expect for the first game I played tonight to be an erotic one.

What a beautiful game. I just found out you are also here on, and that there is a Bridge portion of the story available here. Can't wait to play that one too!! 

I can't wait for the full release, but also hope you take your time perfecting everything~ ^_^ Thanks for such a wonderful demo!

I've been waiting very patiently for the full release of this game for 2 years, I know it's going to be amazing <3 The icon for the demo is still on my desktop :)

Tina is a great name, by the way.

I'm half-Japanese and I thought it was funny. 

This was a lot fun for a one-room game. I started off kind of slow, but once I figured out the gist of it, I eventually started thinking of how I could go through as many floppy discs as possible. I figured out a pretty efficient process in my first play through, but I'm going back in. 

My only question: Is there enough time to get through them all? I'm gonna try :p

This really is a well-made commentary on the nature of how some people use those dating apps and websites. Try one, nope, throw it away. Next. 

Excited for the new Kickstarter, hope to be able to participate this time around :)

I just now had the chance to sign up for the mailing list, is the link still in the process of being sent out?

Please, please, please let me not be too late for the secret demo! I would absolutely love to be a part of testing this game, I have been following it for a very long time!

I also might have just gotten REALLY lucky with that last map that was generated.

I figured out that the key is to NOT rage quit and keep on trying. :P

Extremely glad I checked this game out. Funny in a sarcastic and witty way, which is refreshing compared to all the games out there with the serious plot-lines. It had its challenging moments, too! There were a few times I had to double-back to certain areas to figure out what I missed.

Can't wait for the full game!

"Shed the Inanimate" was my result at the end. Very fitting.

Didn't bother with sending the form~ 

Love the game! 

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I really, really, REALLY wish there was more gameplay, but I understand it's in Beta. Love the inclusion of mythology and lore.

I noticed a few mispellings here and there, but that didn't take away from the atmosphere or gameplay.

I was sort of confused by the item and action system at the beginning. I sheared all three sheep, but ended up not needing all the wool, so those just took up item space. I ended up doing that with quite a few items, and my item list kept growing so I had to scroll through all that. I notice with the Pine that it would say I already collected it, so maybe there are future plans with the wool and such, so it's just a minor annoyance, really, nothing huge.

On the positive side~ The artwork is absolutely unique and lovely. The story and dialogue kept me interested in continuing. Now I just want more! :D