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I really enjoyed playing this game, I really found the characters interesting, and I actually would have wished it was longer XD; (Though I have only played to one ending)

But really really good still!

I did a playthrough on YouTube where I got to one of the endings. And at one hand I want to make videoes with all the endings, but I also want to leave some for the viewers to explore :)

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OMG thank you so much for making a playthrough!!! :D :D We'll watch it toroughly to know which route you took first and what ending you got! Do you mind if we share it on Twitter or Tumblr?

Indeed we didn't manage to make it seem longer, tho since it was a first game we wanted to be careful, too prudent. We'll take your advice to heart and try to make our next games last longer! :)

Thanks a lot for playing this game!!!!!!

You are very welcome to share it :)

I am really happy to hear that :D I am so excited for your next game <3

Thanks a lot for making it XD I loved it :)