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Hidden Masquerade

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Thank you so much for the feedback!!  This game was done a long time ago, and if we were to redo it it would probably feature a threesome-friendship ending, but at the time we wanted to do something like "there are no real good ending" kind of game XD Thanks a lot for the kind words, it's nice to know that people can still enjoy this game even though it's so old !  :D

Thanks a lot for the kind words!! As the game was done in nearly 1 month, we didn't want to risk everything and make a game that would be too long, however you're right, not much happens XD Thanks a lot for the input!!

Thanks a lot for you comment! You summarized the whole game really well! It was supposed to have no real good ending, because some stories can't "always" end well, in some situations only bittersweetness is left.

Thanks a lot for playing our game!! :)

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OMG thank you so much for making a playthrough!!! :D :D We'll watch it toroughly to know which route you took first and what ending you got! Do you mind if we share it on Twitter or Tumblr?

Indeed we didn't manage to make it seem longer, tho since it was a first game we wanted to be careful, too prudent. We'll take your advice to heart and try to make our next games last longer! :)

Thanks a lot for playing this game!!!!!!

Happy new year to you too! =D

As an amateur gamedev I can totally assure you that we're always overjoyed to receive comments (that's basically our fuel when passion is brewing)!

Ooh, The bartender? He's also the writer's fave character! At first he had a route but it couldn't be done for the game... It's a bit of a shame though. We'll keep him in mind for cameos or short stories (I mean, why not? If Asmodée appears, or even if we make a prologue to Midnight's Café, it would totally make sense to give him a more prominent role!)

You're too sweet and supportive, I'm melting in front of my screen (◍˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑) Thanks a lot! We'll make sure not to disappoint you, then! =D =D

Hi there, Momo-chan ! =D

Thanks a lot for the comment, it was really touching (as we sometimes have difficulties with Midnights Café, for it is our very first game haha). Your really nice comment is very encouraging, so thanks a lot!

Evelyn wasn't the most developed character, we had many feedbacks on that point but it's great if you liit didn't prevent you from liking the game and the other characters! (Who's your fav'? *curious*)

I won't lie, right now we're working on another game that isn't demon-related (Schizo-Valentine, we have a topic on LemmaSoft Forum ;-) ), but we do have demon-related stories in mind (*cough cough* french museum *cough cough* lonely demon *cough cough* probably an Asmodée-cameo *cries* I want to work on that one already). We quite liked working on fantasy as well!

Thanks again for your comment, it was very sweet! Thank you! =')

She was meant to be creeeeeeeeepy 8D Glad to know she actually is! Thanks a lot!! =D

Thanks a lot for the nice comment!! (❁´▽`❁)*✲゚* And thank YOU for playing it!! :D

Also... The expressionless nurse sure is creepy, you're right XD But still we liked her nonetheless XP

Thanks a lot for playing it and enjoying it!!! =D

I'm deeply sorry, however none of us speaks Portuguese in our team, so we cannot say if it'll ever be translated =/ We can only assure that it'll have a french version...

Thanks for asking nonetheless, it's a pleasure to read you'd like to see it in portuguese!

Thanks a lot!! We're glad you had fun while playing =3 About the post-credit scene, well, all I can say is that a post-credit scene is meant to spoil the next game without having the player really understand what's going on? Haha, sorry if it seems way too obscure, actually it means we couldn't be clear enough >< All I can say, is that the nurse is looking at you 8)

Thank you so much (TToTT)/