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#1 - To fix items getting stuck clipping in the workbench, perhaps when pieces are put together they pop in a few inches abouve the table and fall onto it rather than connecting to whatever is in your hand?

#2 - Make player clip with the boxes. I thought i was supposed to stack boxes and climb up into the 'Not for Sale' house, and was very sad when I lugged enough over there and then jumped straight through them instead of onto them.

#3 more frequent customers - After only a day or two, I had enough cash to front load a lot of crafting weapons, and was able to just hand whatever they wanted over to the customers as soon as they said what they wanted, resulting in sitting idle for a few minutes waiting for the next one to show up.

#4 - Penalty for leaving ingots on the forge for too long - melting perhaps? I quickly discovered that ordering bulk amounts of ingots, placing the order box on the forge, breaking it, turnign on the forge, and then having a steady supply of heated ingots was the best strategy, but took a little away from the game.