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1. pay

ill pay what ever as long as its reasonable

2. type of image

its pixel art and i'm using game maker

3. how long?

hard to say because its in really early development.

i also have a bit of the current game on game jolt and here but like i said its in very early development. (the game is supposed to be pretty long so ill just say i have most of the start of the game done.)

i would also like to know how much you will charge(price range) just wondering.

thanks for responding to a young eager developer like me.

Don't say "young" as if age matters in development. By type I ment jpeg, gif, png, etc. As for the images a couple cents for eavh image as long as its 16×16 or lower if higher the price slightly raises.

i'm looking and i think png.


anything else i need to do?