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Hey thanks for featuring my video! I just now noticed haha. Anyways is there a way to censor this game? Me doing it manually takes a long ass time haha. Anyways I have a new video coming out soon :D. Love the game so far!

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You're welcome! I thought you did the best job showcasing it and you had some of the coolest fight scenes! Unfortunately, no there's no censor option in the game. Or not unfortunately? Depending on how you look at it? :)

Well a censor option would be extremely helpful for content creation :P. Regardless keep up the good work.

I'll keep that in mind down the line. Thank you, and sorry about the hassle! :) Also, don't know how far into your video you are already, but I can offer you the latest version if you'd like that has three more quests and a little more solid gameplay.

I've already recorded it, but a new version would be awesome :D. I can add you on discord if you want.

Hey meaty loved the video! accept for the fact that one part in it was not censored. but aye i understand that you have to go through a lot of time to edit a video and well people make mistakes and as im saying this riot didnt censor one of his videos at one point.

well meaty keep up the good work love your vids and also riot smells like ass!..