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I was super looking forward to playing this but nooo its only the first chapter 😭. I need to know what happens theres so much mystery! I like the horror I can't wait to see more!!

I made a playthrough if you want to see my personal reaction 🤗

Thanks for playing! I'm extremely shy since I'm not too happy with the current version.

I appreciate the feedback you provided. I agree that everything happened too fast and was a bit clumsy in certain parts. I had to cut out a lot for Nanoreno, so what you played is a fraction of what it's supposed to be. Fredrick was also supposed to be in it, which would completely change that section. Had to re-write that part until we have time to finish his art assets as well as CG cutscenes. 

I was debating on adding narration, but took it out due on time constraints. Based on your reaction, I can definitely see that it would be better to re-add it.

If you'd like more context, I would be happy to explain things better on Discord or wherever. 🤗 Sorry that the current version is so short.

Oh absolutely! I hope it didn't come off as harsh or too critical because I do tend to put my foot in my mouth XD. Its great especially when you take into consideration it was all done in only a month. I loved the atmosphere and I seriously can't wait to see what comes next especially since you get to take as much time as you want lol. You've made something I couldn't make in a million years. You're incredible! I definitely get the being shy and not being absolutely happy with something you've literally brought into existence by sheer creativity and I'm so grateful that you shared it anyway 💖

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Oh, don't worry! I think I'm harsher on myself than your video since the actual story I planned is much longer and barely like what I presented. I've never coded anything before, so I feel that I spent too much time learning how everything works. And true! I have time now to fix things without worrying about trying to learn coding in a month's time. One thing I will have to learn is to make sure branching paths carry over to later chapters without bugging out. There's actually three or four planned variations that need to be coded in.

If I participate next year for a different story, at least I have learned a lot that I can focus on writing so I don't have to cut out so much. I will probably do one with the blue/purple haired elf in my profile banner. I draw him often enough that it shouldn't be an issue.

If you decide to check out Home's Embrace, I have Sunlit to thank for helping me out so much with Kinfallen. She was pretty patient and taught me enough that I could do trivial thinks like idle blinking animations. XD