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This is a great game! A lot of NaNoReno game jam devs make good games but this game definitely took it a step further. I loved everything from the characters to the art to the voice acting to the accessibility options. There was very obviously a lot of love and time put into this game and its just beautiful, I can't recommend it enough 💖

If you'd like to take a glimpse at the gameplay I did upload a video but I highly suggest you play the game yourself before watching through. Thank you Dev 🤍🤍

I got so excited to play this just by looking at it is so cute and fluffy so I only skimmed through the gamepage lol. I loved this game start to finish and I think the puzzle was really cool, I like me a good puzzle 😋. I love that Remerie and Somnia are just together and in love its so heckin sweet. I hope we get more of this world because I need more🤩. I'm actually going to replay it because I didn't get the special 5 star dish and I barely need a reason to replay lol

Definitely play this yourself but if you want to see my personal reaction I did make a video if you'd like 🤗

Oh absolutely! I hope it didn't come off as harsh or too critical because I do tend to put my foot in my mouth XD. Its great especially when you take into consideration it was all done in only a month. I loved the atmosphere and I seriously can't wait to see what comes next especially since you get to take as much time as you want lol. You've made something I couldn't make in a million years. You're incredible! I definitely get the being shy and not being absolutely happy with something you've literally brought into existence by sheer creativity and I'm so grateful that you shared it anyway 💖

I was super looking forward to playing this but nooo its only the first chapter 😭. I need to know what happens theres so much mystery! I like the horror I can't wait to see more!!

I made a playthrough if you want to see my personal reaction 🤗

I jumped on the opportunity to play this game so fast XD. I love every game I've played by npckc and this game is no exception🥰. It's so cute, the characters are very real, and there's  a little something to take away from playing this. I can't praise it enough play this game!🤗

I made a playthrough too if you wanna see my personal reaction for yourself🤷‍♀️

I freaking love this kind of game. A spooky story that my chicken self can play without yeeting a controller lol. It was really great I was really surprised by the story it was definitely multiple levels of mystery I hope we can get more games like this😍 I loved it. It reminded me a bit of Yuppie Psycho story wise and thats one of my favorite games so really happy about that 😋

I made a playthrough if you want to see my personal reaction but super recommend playing it for yourself.

This game was so amazingly cute! I loved Pudding and Baphomet they are so sweet. I super hope to see more of this universe because I'm in love and I can't live without it anymore XD. I made a playthrough if  you want to see my personal reaction but I really recommend you playthrough it yourself and then we can compare our endings!

I knew it was still in development when I started but noooo I want more XD. I didn't realise I was reading romance at first because I was too excited to read the tags lol but it was really good! Siruud kind of reminds me of Howl from Howls Moving Castle. They just kind of give off the same vibe especially the book version of Howl. Anyway can't wait for more <3

you're so amazing <3 XD thank youuu

I didn't know what expect but I really felt like playing this and I am not disappointed holy amazing game batman. The art is beautiful and the story was so freaking interesting. There were a few typos but super unnoticeable and literally the only thing not perfect about this game💙

I made a playthrough if you wanna check it out. I usually don't play to all the endings but I did play most of them here because it was just so interesting I couldn't resist lol.

You're so amazing and sweet lol made my day. I'm glad I said it right lol I even practiced before the video XD. I can not wait to see anything else you might make in the future holy moly. Thanks for the link!! (it didn't work for some reason lol but I'm still really grateful)

I love it!!! I laughed so much and I really can NOT decide what character I love the most.  I'm so sad this is over and seriously I hope I can get some wallpapers from some the art because it was just so beautiful and creepy and cute and AAAH lol.

If you wanna see my personal reaction feel free to check out the video I made but seriously play it yourself too XD

I'm so grateful Z showed me their game. It was amazing and I really fell in love. The story was really unique, the world building incredible and I seriously loved the characters. I loved the creepiness. I do wish there was a bit more as a personal preference but the world is very balanced in creepiness level. It isn't lacking. If you like creepy thing games but not too scary you'll probably love this. Be wary the trauma is really very traumatising and it lives up to its psychological horror tag lol. I was probably a bit too critical of the writing, I'm a snooty butt cheek like that 😅, but I think the writing did get better after leaving the village to the right at the beginning of the game. 

Ultimately, what I'm saying is yes. play this lol. I made a full playthrough if you'd like to see that but I only got 2 of the endings so you'll have to play yourself to find out the others 🤗💜

I can NOT describe how much I loved this! Wow! One of my favorite games is Yuppie Psycho and this felt similar enough to make me feel nostalgic but like I was experiencing something brand new and amazing. I so so so much hope you guys make a full version this was amazing. I made a playthrough but goofed up and ended up playing through it twice lol but if you'd like to see that anyway thank you :D

I'm awful at platformers I have no idea why I keep subjecting myself to this kind of torture XD. This game was really cute though and I enjoyed it. If you wanna see my reaction I made a video feel free to watch or don't lol

I raged so hard at this game XD. I'm awful at platformers but I powered through and winning was that much sweeter! I'd really love to see an expanded version of this.

 I made a playthrough with a few other games if you'd like to see my personal reaction 😊🤗

This game was so cute 🤩 I loved B@BY so heckin cute! I some how locked the robots towards the end lol just as I was about to finish T.T I did a playthrough if you'd like to see my personal reaction 

Loved this game! Its gorgeous <3 I did manage to lose the scissors somehow right at the end lol. I did a playthough with a few other games too. Thank you so much for making this it was really unique and beautiful 🤗😊

This was really good!! I hope there is a sequel or prequel or something someday. I usually don't play all the endings in a video because I  want people to play the game themselves but I couldn't help myself XD. Thanks for making this!

Thank you again for making this game and giving me copy <3 I definitely will play more but I'm undecided if I'll do it on video or just for myself lol I wanna leave a reason for someone to buy the game themself XD

Anyway this game was amazing, creepy and incredibly written. I died but I shoulda known better lol

I cried... on video lol kinda embarrassing. I'm so happy this game exists. I wasn't paying any attention what the game was about I just immediately started playing because I was so excited. It really took me by surprise and I was not prepared lol.

Thank you so much for making this game <3

Absolutely stunning! I haven't had the pleasure to finish it YET but I will for sure devore it when I get a chance. I love the characters and setup. Uuuhg I can't wait to see what happens! 

I did buy the steam version because achievements but figured here could use a review too lol. I also made a video


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Scared the bejeesus outta me XD and I loved every second

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This game is freaking cute. I'm awful at platformers so I struggled a bit but I managed lol. The art is super stinking cute too. Love it! 

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This game is the funniest thing in the world. I died laughing. I love love Angelo <3 Sanga is also good but she's no Angelo XD. 

Thank you so much for making this game my life is better with it in it hahaha.

I really liked playing it I'm really happy you made it :D. I'm super impressed you made this all by yourself!!

I played for about an hour total so there was a lot not in the video and I really enjoyed what I played. I probably would have played through the whole game if the bug didn't make me realize I was playing for so long lol. 

There was a typo here and there and the game broke at one point but over all solid game. I didn't try opening it again but I'm sure that would have fixed the issue.

I liked the levels and the art was super cute. 4/5 

I recorded some of the gameplay if you want to check it out before going through the steps to get it yourself.

I really like what I've played of the game so far! I want to share this game on Youtube and I was hoping to get a bit more information. Do you have more plans for this game? Is this a demo, maybe the start of a series...? Is there some sort of social media or anything I can direct people to? Also, should I send any bug reports and if so where to?

Very cute. I enjoyed the story and its kid friendly thats always a plus!

Very interesting concept. I had some nit picks but considering it was made in a month? Overall I liked it and its definitely worth a read/play. Just make sure you have you volume on ;)

This game was so much better than I thought it was gonna be. I was like "Jack is a big oh brat he's gonna annoy me" but by the end his shenanigans warmed me up to him. I was smiling almost the whole time.

1000% would love that