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Finally got this up on the channel I played it several days ago but I am chaos so it took me a while to post lol. Thanks for reaching out! I'm very excited to play more!!

You have to play all the endings!!! It really expands brilliantly. I really liked it sadly I only recorded the first ending but I did play the others when I had free time and I suuuuper recommend it 

I did end up playing and honestly Frank and Charlene are so damn cute I fricken love them!!

Clicked on this expecting some wholesome message about weight. I haven't played it so that might still be true I just uuuuh wasn't expecting the other stuff hahaha

Sweetest as always so glad to know you <333333

This game is a hecking sooky time TREASURE!! Love Nemlei. Love every single game. The Void has blessed us with this game so go play it!! If you don't he'll kill you, then roast you, then eat you, then spit you out cause you taste bad anyway.

Slough for Halloween?!?! That sounds hecking amazing I literally gasped out loud lol

knock knock guess what I'm playing right now >:)

This is so good!! Very unique. I crave moooore lol

I played through all of Yiestols routes on my channel and then went back for the other two on my own lol. I think Yiestol is my favorite but also jellyworms, ya know? Super cool game I just really liked it 

there was that one vore misunderstanding but it was just funny lol

Past Kieren is following me around T.T

OMG is that famous Youtuber Kieran *fangirl squealing noises* 

Markiplier played your game!!! Thats amazing hope you get lots of appreciation and recognition now <3 you deserve it

Look at my face I had no idea what I was doing playing this game lol so much immediate regret XD. It was really well put together I liked it but I woulda liked it better if it didn't happen to me directly hahaha 🖤🖤🖤

Mostly just me being distracted by my irl cats while hunting a silly cat. Really cute I enjoyed it a lot <3

haha we meet again mortal enemy!!! Lol now i just know this game gonna make me giggle.

So cute! I didn't have any trouble without a map I just followed the foliage lol. I think my favorite part is little mushy buddy falls asleep when you let him idle XD

This was really cool! Also I made a video! Also also I got scared way too many times but I really liked this game. Ducat if you need an English proof reader let me know 👍 I'm just a fan I don't want any compensation just wanna help out if you need it 💜

ooo noice hat bro 🔥🔥🔥

No you (❁´◡`❁) haha I hope everything is well <3 Let me know if you ever need anything. Thanks for everything Sweetest I can wait for your next work ~( ̄▽ ̄)~*

I have only gotten to play 30 minutes so far and I really want to play more soon just not in the mood to record :p buuuuut I have to say I am really liking it so far. The art seems to be pulling away from cutesy which I think looks really good paired with this story that is more direct in my opinion than the other Nemlei games I've played. I don't want to say much else because I want to play more before cementing my thoughts but if you want to see my first reaction the first video is up on my YT right here: 

Beautiful. Beautiful. BEAUTIFUL. This game is one of those games you just know you WILL cry. I'm already just so attached to the characters. There's this mystery playing out from Esther's perspective and I'm torn between playing quickly to get some answers or stopping on every screen getting lost in the art. There are so many unique backgrounds and expressions for the character's a lot of care went into the art.

Absolutely play this game. There is a demo to start with or I was gifted a copy to play on my YouTube channel so there are a couple of ways to get your feet wet but I don't know if you'll be able to stop yourself from buying this game after you start ;). 

I was too dumb and beat the game because of it XD so funny. I made a video It'll be up in the next couple of days STAY TUNED

HAHAHA Amazing! So goofy and silly. Honestly, I can't decide who my favorite rat is XD. I made a little video so you can get a taste of the game before going off and playing it for yourself because you definitely will do that...obviously 🤡

I saw wholesome horror and had to immediately play XD so glad I did it was pretty cute. I super recommend you play it and its not too long so you have no excuse lol. Also video of my reactions? 

Aaaah so cute!! I've been dying to play another Nami game since Contract Demon but I kept missing the timing 😤 But I am so happy I got to play this one it was so freaking cute. I highly recommend you play this for yourself but if for some reason you wanted to see my reactions or play along with me  I made a video💙 I didn't include any of the bonus chapters so you HAVE to make sure to check those out on your own mwhahaha 🤗 Thanks again for another amazing game Nami 💙💙

ooooo yesss going to sign up that sounds like lotsa fun. I’ll keep any of the play testing to myself no biggie :D how cool XD

Just thinking back on this game makes me cozy and sleepy lol. I can't wait for fo the final release I had so much fun playing this game even though I didn't think about it and was playing with my non-dominant hand for no reason 😅 the rooms are all so detailed and beautiful ahhh I just love it ❤

haha this GAME! lol I got a good chuckle and I really recommend it if you're looking for a dark comedy mystery that's mostly just goofy. It's pretty light-hearted. If you want to see what I mean I made a video so you can get a little taste but definitely check this game out for yourself! 💛💛

It was all over as soon as Alec started tearing up XD I hope you make more  games I really loved this one even with my pathetic tears haha

Don’t mind me I’m just over here crying 😭 I really didn’t expect to get so attached to both characters. Uuuhg my HEART! I thought the atmosphere was amazing with all the little details adding real life to the game. 10/10 highly recommend! I made a play through if you want a sneak peak but I think you should really play through on your own 💖 Thanks devs for the amazing game no thanks for the side of crying 😆💛

This game was really freaking hard!! It was really fun to beat and I got a really weird irl spook on camera lol

Aw, this game is s cute! I really want to find out what happens I hope you can continue with the development 💛💙💛💙

I freaking love this game! I'm so glad the dev reached out and introduced me to it 💛 I made a video of my first 30 minutes as the police officer if you want to take a little peek at the game before buying it but I do recommend it 💛💛💛🧡

I played this game the day it came out and finally had the time to finish up the video! I really liked this game it was so cute and fun 🧡. I didn't realize there was a timer at first but I was golden after that 👍 other than one floor I didn't get a watershed but I think that was just bad luck it was a really well done. Cool game 💙

this game is ridiculous and I guess thats the point XD. I played this mostly to meme at my friends but it was fun to be confused for 15 minutes straight 🤣 here's my video if anyone wants to see me make bad life choices 

I so look forward to a whole game XD. This was really fricken goofy and I dig it. I super hope you make more games :3 Also I made a playthrough if anyone wants to see a bit of gameplay but ya'll should really just play it for yourself 💙💙

woah senpai noticed me 🤩

This was really cool I like it! I'm absolute trash at these types of games but I had fun and it didn't feel too hard or too easy. Also the art? super freaking pretty 🤎 If anyone wants a sneak peak I made a first look video and I definitely isn't that way because I couldn't finish the game... 😅

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So much representation!!! I saw Noel and dropped everything to play this game immediately 🥰 I'm really looking forward to the full release 😁. Is there a mailing list I can join? (edit: theres a bug at about 1:19:00)

In case anyone cares to see my reactions I made a video!