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Indeed, I can't release it as a VST2 unfortunately. :( Building as a Linux plugin is a bit difficult as well since I believe I need a fork of Juce in order to build it, which kinda sucks. Might try some day though!

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I’m not sure if anything’s different for Misstortion 2, but I’ve been able to build a Linux VST3 plugin for Misstortion in the past by just selecting the ‘Linux Makefile’ export target in Projucer, saving, and running ‘CONFIG=Release make -j8’ from the ‘Builds/LinuxMakefile’ directory created by JUCE. I don’t know if you already have access to to a Linux machine or VM, but I’m sure compiling through WSL2 would work just fine if you you’d like to give it a shot!


Oh, it does have a Linux target now! That's new to me. I will play around with this soon, thanks!