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When I play those mini games, sometimes the actual game would freeze up. So I have to close the program and reload my save point and hope that doesn't happen again. Also, after a certain amount of task it seems like the FirstGuard always give me a game over, not sure if its intended or not.

Thanks for letting me know! Yea, the VN software we are using is not really designed for mini games, so we are pushing its limits. We started a kickstarter to hire a programmer and translate Faulty Apprentice into Unity. Thats interesting about the First Guard though.. Did you complete the Alchemist Urgent Job by end of Day 5? She's only supposed to kick you out of castle if you don't do that Job in time for story event.

Oh I see, will it be like that on the final product?

The mini game issues will not be problem in final game, but the First Guard will still probably kick you out if you don't do the Urgent Job in time. Cheers!