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Been eyeing on this game ever since ESGS2019. I couldn't play then because we also had a booth. But now I was finally able to play till the end.

The story was pretty immersive, ever since the beginning of the game, I was drawn in. The writing was pretty decent, and the world building was on point. I could see the potter books we're references, which was great. Although it was off to a slow start, but I became really invested after the first dungeon. I love that they literally teach you the mechanics of the game through lessons in class. It was a good touch. For the world building, everything definitely fits together. I heard that the developer is an actual Lawyer (or studied law, correct me if I'm wrong), but he definitely found a way to mix Law and Fantasy in a very cool way. I won't spoil anything, but I was really frustrated about the outcome of the first trial. But definitely, the story and world building was one of the strong points of the game.

The characters we're really great and memorable. Each magister have their own personality fit with the classes that they teach. My favorite being Zelka and Uni. There were also those bully brats that I wanted to tear down with my magic. Each of them are really believable and have their own roles to fulfill in the world.

As an RPG Maker game, most games don't like to change the formula and innovate that much. But this game added a twist to the boring old turned based formula by adding Aura Skills/Counters. I think it added a bit of strategical factor to the battles. The basics - attack, magic, guard, item are still there but I think the battles are well balanced.

Like in any other game in this genre, I think the audio makes or breaks the game. In this case, the audio for this game was on point. I love the little jingles used for sound effects and most things have some sounds. The music really fit in with the theme of the world, and are used well on proper scenarios. I did they really did a good job on the audio for this game.

Student Life Simulator:
One of the main features of the game is to let you live your life as a Lawmage Student. You are free to do things at your own pace at a cost of days. Each action you take takes the whole day to do. I was really amazed how much potential this game has. But I think they could add more things to do, it'll be more fun.

Final Thoughts:
Overall, Lawmage Academy has the potential to be something really great. It has the foundations of a great game and a great story. It's something that I want to play till the end and have a great time. I hope the dev team get all the support they need to finish the game because they indeed deserve it. There are still some improvements that can be done here and there but overall I had a really pleasant experience with the game. I recommend it to anyone who likes RPGs/jrpgs. Thank you for making the game.

Thank you so much for the detailed review. I appreciate the kind words and the suggestions. I hope to meet you as well in the next ESGS! 😊