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First, sorry about my English, I'm using the google translator.

Secondly, I have to say that I am really impressed by your work.
I started programming last month,  so I still have a lot, a lot, to learn. So when I see your projects I get instantlyfascinated, great work!

The thing is: due to the quarantine, my friends and I are going to make an online role playing table and your tools helped me a lot to build the campaign. But this specific tool will not be used for our current session because it is not possible to select the number of rooms and, as much as I refresh I cannot find one that resembles my initial idea.. And I know I'm taking advantage of your goodwill, forgive me for that, but if you added the option of selecting the number of rooms and dragging them afterwards this tool would be one of the most incredible things that has ever appeared in the world of rpg. As I am still a beginner in programming I do not know if it is very difficult to leave the current version for one with the suggestions I gave, but your work motivated me to go after it and find out how it is done. Anyway thank you very much for these tools they are excellent.

Eventually this generator will get customization (but not editing) options. Meantime you can try one of the editors mentioned in description. Or any other editor of course, I am not advertising :)