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Any news on the Stand-Alone Version?


I'm working on it right now, as it happens! It's coming along well, although as you can imagine it's a lot of grunt work. Probably still a few months out at the earliest, but getting there.

So looking forward to this! Thanks Calum and all the best, really great Work, glad its progressing 👍

Hey I just bought the playest version when I probably really wanted to buy the v1.0. Is there a reason they are both on sale on the site without any cross posting? Are they the same product? If indeed v1.0 is more up to date, could you spot me a copy without it costing me another 15 Euro? Thanks! johnpowell6(at)

Hey! Sorry for the late reply. So, if you purchased A NOCTURNE here, you should have access through itch to the current, most up to date version, v1.0. The itch page still has "play-test" in the URL simply because a lot of existing pages have linked to it and I don't want to break those links. As far as I'm aware, there shouldn't be two separate pages for the play-test and full version at the moment?

I'd like to say what I'm hoping for in the full version is some more gm flavor text and such to help bring this unique setting to life. Reading the Counting to Infinity post helps but itd be nice to see more of that in the book, especially since this leans less on established scifi tropes than most games


Gonna be honest, I've mostly got my head down writing up the nuts and bolts chapters for all the basic mechanics at the moment, but I feel you! The game is definitely light on flavour text. I'm certainly going to be taking a look at this going forward.