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wish i could skip through dialogue. it was nice the first few times, but after a while i just wanna get all the endings and know what lauren will say anyways. still, one of the better text-based games ive played in a while, cool retro aesthetic


Great feedback! I really appreciate it. I completely agree- after watching a few streamers play the game I realize the introduction is the only main part that can't be sped up through by choice- so I've been strongly considering making it skippable. Your comment really helps reaffirm my thoughts. I'm going to look into adding a "skip introduction" button that will appear after you play through the game once--- I will work on this later today so an update should be available 4/10. :) I will comment here when it's finished! Glad you enjoyed the game!!!


Alright! The update has gone live! :D Thank you again for the feedback. Now if anyone beats the game the next time they play again there is a new option to skip the introduction dialogue (which is the longest part) ---
However if you would like the option to skip the dialogue just activate the option by pressing the 'i' key any time before picking up Lauren's call for the first time. 

Thanks again! For a slightly more detailed version of this there is a update post on itch.

thanks so much! ill check it out